Thursday, November 28, 2013

And a Truly Happy Thanksgiving

 As we all know, this blog is about how my cancer is moving from Terminal Velocity to Critical Mass, and how that affects me. Yes, it's all about me. Once, and sometimes twice, a day I post up how I'm feeling, how the cancer is fooling with me, and how I have such great support from family and friends. After all, I realize I can't do this alone, (although, this burns my ass) and how important my friends are to me and therefor to my family as well

 So, this will be pithy today. Nothing fancy and  I'm thrilled I didn't croak off 3 days ago. Talk about throwing a wrench in the Happy Days gearbox. I'm thankful for that, there's no question about that.

  What is it that makes me thankful? I don't know where to start, and what I put down isn't in any order what so ever, it is what it is:

Cancer: Why the hell would anyone be thankful for cancer? It's gonna kill me this time, for Pete Sake
             I am because it's shown me loyalty and friendship. So much so that I'm humbled by the action
             and attitude of my friends. It's making my family stronger for each other, mentally and    
             physically. As bad as it is, it is a character building event

Family: They are much tougher than I am, and when I got shitty while on the steroids, they put up with
             some of that, but not all. Liz taught me a lesson in running off at the head. It nearly killed me
             when I couldn't control my anger and it spilled off into them. I am learning to be careful
              with my feelings, so I don't hurt others

Friends: Next to family the most important thing I've got going with me on this SNAFU run. They
              help keep me honest. They are good folk all the way around. I started the blog for family
              and friends. So that if one of them gets to ride this rocket, they are doing it blind. And
              to maybe give some insight into what it's doing to one person, not just MD Anderson
              or any other cancer centers idea of what's going on with one person, and hopefully
              if they are in this position, they won't be so afraid.

Breathing:  Yeah, I'm thankful I can still draw a breath. There are some days I feel like I'm ready for it
                    all to end, later on, I'm glad I was too stubborn to quit

The list can go on and on just like these few I've done here seem to wax and wane like tides. It's been a real party so far. It's a damn shame it's going to end sooner than I want it to end. Another thirty or forty years seems like a number I'd rather have.

   Have fun today. Hug the family extra tight, Talk with as many friends as you can, eat a ton of food, then sack out on the couch watching football. But mostly, take time to be thankful for all the little things we sometimes overlook

For those of you traveling this morning, Fair Winds and Following Seas                                                                                                                    

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