Sunday, November 17, 2013

So, Anyway

  So anyway, I watched some great college ball yesterday. Some close calls and some amazing finished. Which kinda made me go back to Blue Bonnet Park in Liberal, KS on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We didn't watch football. We'd play pick up two below touch for hours. Say from 1300 to 1700, then hit the Pizza Hut for a quick bite, home to shower, then hangin with the buds. This went on for YEARS. I remember playing pick up ball after my first daughter was born 27 years ago. I was the old man then, because I was 26. And I never went back for seconds, if I had played on Saturday. No way I could have played that hard two days in a row. And the shits now is, I can't remember a soul I played with, other than some of the guys I went to school with, not a soul. Later, when it just got too cold, there was pick up volleyball at the Friends church. That was sort of an invite thing, one of the guys that played football was either the youth minister or buds with the youth minister (God, bad memory today) and let him and enough people to make up two teams. That one was co-eg, unlike the two below, which in retrospect was a lot more physical than two below was meant to be, Im sure. Like, when you blocked, you actually blocked. None of that "push, but don't use your hands" kind of crap that the city leagues put in. No sir, you shoved, pounded, blind sided, and everyone went deep. Elm Trees on one side of the field were out of bounds. Some smaller trees on the other were the out of bounds for the north side of the field. Wasn't as wide as a football field, but it was real close in length. Probably 80 or so yards long. We had a "3 Mississippi" rush count, since everyone went deep. Count using Mississippi for seconds, then rush. At least one person stayed back to block. I can't tell you how many successful passes were broken up by the big assed elm tree that marked on side line. Including myself, problem four billion people ran into that tree just seconds after catchin the ball. As in turn around to BAM!!! run. Ow. Fun, man it was fun. We have two nice parks close to my neighbor hood, either one would make a great pick up game site. Sadly, not a soul out any time playing. I've only seen tow games on the park closest to me in twenty years. Sad, really, that the young guys won't even go play a pick up game. Not everyone that like the game, puts on the pads and helmet. It's kind of telling when no one wants to buddy up any more.

  So anyway, now that that's over with, I think I have fucking thrush. I got it at least twice during chemo, both times. Too much saliva, it's frothy and tastes just terrible. Like I could use another plague coming. Sometimes it's enough of a pain that I get exhausted by just waiting for something else to pop up.  They gave me Keflex to clear up a rattle in one lung. I finished the prescription when I was supposed to finish it. Just seems like a an awful coincidence that I get thrush now. I have Atropine drops to help dry my mouth out, but even those won't touch the shit I've got going on in my mouth. Yes, yes, beside washing it the fuck out with soup. I've been told, if you believe it, that I cuss too much. Well, fuck, I may at that, how should I know. I mean I can understand what I say, because I hear my voice before it comes out of my mouth. Tough shit if other people don't!! No, I'm kidding. I like it better when  I can speak well. If I'd known yesterday I was getting it, and I suspected, I'd have kissed that woman that dissed me full on the mouth. That woulda teached her!!

 I'm a little achy and weird feeling today. Not sure why, really groggy and out of sorts. No more pain that usual, in fact it's not a factor today at all. Just not on my game, I guess. The feeding tube spot is tender this morning, too. I've looked, not infected, and not bleeding. So that's a good thing. The Trach, however, is providing some new and fascinating problems of it's own. As my cancer spreads (theory here, feel free to dispute  it if you can) it's making my neck swell especially on one side. The left. It's making my appearance more strained, and causing the tendons and stuff from the pec transplant widen out, and therefor make the tracheotomy hole go deeper into my neck. Not a lot, but a fraction of an inch is causing the outter edges of the tube found me raw in  a couple of spots. Not just tender, but actually rubbing holes into my skin. Bandaids help, but I've got to see if Hospice has any ideas. If not, I'll get a snot sucker to check out my problem, or go see my ENT again. Maybe she can get this skin problem sorted out. I's be nice. I've got so many bandaids on upped body it looks like I fell down in a pile of brambles and had t fight my way y to find my way lost in there. Here's to hoping I can get this shit figured out. Not only is it a pain in the ass, but it takes a way from my natural beauty as well. I can't have that.

   I'm enjoying the fact I've let my hair grow out. Yep, it's thin as all get out on top, and I don't give a shit. I used to love my long hair. Been over twenty years since I had it. For about ten years I kept it shaved, or at least knocked down to a buzz cut. It's kinda of nice, I think. Sure, it looks like I could burn the top of my head if I went outside too long. But I don't give a shit about that either. While I'm sitting here dying, I'm doing one of the things that I couldn't, and still look semi professional, while working for an oil company. So, yeah, until I croak, I'm letting the hair grow out. It's mine, dammit, and I wanna see it long for a change. HA!

Short blog today. As I've said before, my day is pretty well set up in a regiment of medication and feeding formula. And trying to get the hours I take those into an available time frame for a movie or something along those lines. Dull, duller, dullest. But, I'm up on two feet, sorta.

Time to take grandson outside and find out what happened to YaYa. She's out there messing around with something, I'm sure.

 Book Of Rock:  In case you wondered, the sun doesn't revolve around your happy ass, any more than it does mine. You aren't the only person on the face of the planet. Get the fuck over yourself and be at least courteous. Other wise you're just another peckerwood sucking up my oxygen. Stop it

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