Monday, September 30, 2013

Addendum to "Back to Kansas"

Yes, you need to read "Back to Kansas" first, that's why this is an addendum

 It's real short. I'm slipping a bit. I can't seem to get the energy level I once had and I exhaust a lot faster than I used to. Some times it's harder to get up. Other times I get hit with stabbing pain I'm not so sure is all muscle pain where it shows up.  I feel swollen from the inside out, and my voice continues it's path down gravel lane until it has just stop working. I've got to will this stuff down for one last trip to Fort Worth next month for the Women's Team Challenge and Celtober Fest event. It's a day of throwing and  companionship. Pretty much like every Highland Game I go to play. I'll get a chance, I hope, to see some of my friends in the Metroplex. And that, girls and boys, will be my last trip on this side of the grass.

 Love ya

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