Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yeah Yeah, It's Late In The Morning

  Yeah, yeah, I fiddled around and didn't get the blog done early like I generally like to do. I didn't slept at all until this morning, though. After I got the Boy off to school. I had a coughing spell yesterday that turned into a vomiting event, that turned into an "I'm not going to eat anymore today, because my stomach is still too jumpy" event. Hospice came by while I was in the shower. Everyone assumes that the problem is nausea, making no mind that I've told them dozens of times it's not nausea, it's from my inability to swallow my own secretions, and having that make me gag or cough enough until I vomit. It's oh so fun!!! Geez. So he starts in with three different anti nausea drugs I can take so I won't throw up anymore. Even after I write it down twice that it's not nausea, it's gag reflex that's making me vomit. Twice. He finally soaked it all in and said "oh! you're not nauseous then?" No, no, I'm not. From vomiting, though, my stomach is too jumpy to feed again. So I'm taking Mucinex. We'll see. Last time all it did was make it easier to hack up out of my trach. Didn't do much for reducing the amount of mucus I'm producing. Which to me seems like it should be the objective. So I'll see how it goes. So far today it's going pretty well. One coughing spell about 0500 overnight isn't too bad at all. Speak of the devil, I just had one of those coughing spells. This one, however. had a lucky finish. It wasn't bad enough to make me hurl. I didn't sleep last night, I let that bother me. Waking up coughing, then puking didn't seem like all good an idea to me. So I'll nap more today. No biggy.

   It's a pain in the ass to have that happen. It never does when I've got people around to help, except that time about 3 or 4 weeks ago when the Boy was home with. He was a lot of help in getting me towels to catch every thing, and clean up my mess. He didn't panic, and there are times when that's going on I'd love to panic. Yesterday I had time between the initial start until the next wave of heaves to hit the bathroom on my own. That is unusual in itself, but not unwelcome. I wish I had time to get there before they start, only I don't get warnings like you do if you're all in one piece and about to vomit. I could always feel it start when before I lost my ability to swallow. Now I never know and that is a bit spooky. Coughing hard then WHAMO! along comes the barfing. I don't even really gag all that much before, and nothing out of the ordinary with those that happened yesterday. Same old routine of getting a coughing spell, then suction,  then cough, then puke before I could start suction. But it went one for what seemed like a long time. It even stopped for a while then kicked back in right before I stepped into the shower. That one was probably the most bothersome. Looking back, it was better than being finished with my shower than having to take another shower all together?

 Today is "intake more fluids" start off. I will be taking a lit more slow today and see if I'm over the vomiting spell. Ive had a couple small coughing spells, but nothing like yesterday's. I of good hopes that I won't repeat that again. Although I can taste the icky stuff in the back of my throat again. This is not boding well to keep my vomiting to zero, but once again, if I'm quiet things should slip back into normal again. Well, as close to normal as they ever get around me these days. I would say normal would be a grand start! Anyway, taking in more fluids may help quite a bit. Never hurts to be over hydrate but being dehydrated is a bad thing. Of course all this is predicated upon  my getting my ass of here and going to the kitchen and getting started.  So, let's get that done and get to feeling more like my old self.

 Book Of Rock: Most of what happens is of your own making. Don't try and lay it off on someone else or just bad luck. It's all about choices.

Have fun today, kids

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