Monday, February 17, 2014

Liz Cook Smith, In Her Own Words

 Liz gets her shot on the blog. I've been telling her she needs to write one. This is what she gave me. I have trouble keeping my eyes dry. It's all her today.  The next lines are all hers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, I am just her typist today.
  I know some of you are wondering why I don't put any comments on Roc's blog. So here is my "comment".
  I met-or saw him at the tiny laundry mat in Elkhart, Kansas, and I thought "oh great, a cute guy and his two kids, hmmmm", and that was it. A few months later I had a note on my little Fiero (cuz that's what us cool single chicks drove in the late 80's) "Would your consider going to the movie with me?" with his name and phone number.  What the hell did I have to lose? I can even tell you the first movie we went to see together "Shattered" with Tom Berringer. (I had the total hots for him back then).
That was the beginning of what changed and saved my life!

 Then I met his parents. They were to most amazing couple! I thought to myself, "I want a marriage just like that!". Lo and behold, I did!
  Not only did I gain a mother and father in-law, I also inherited tow wonderful kids that were so full of life and gratitude that someone else could love them, and were owing and will to love me back. I gained and brother and sister that are something else. No one was scared to say anything in that family. We were married September 12, 1992. What a wonderful, hot fall day in Neodesha, Kansas, and love surrounded us both.

 We welcomed Addison Gates into our family 8-9-96 with no complications. It was also the hottest summer on record in Midland, Texas, where we also resided. We were a good family, had our ups and downs, but nothing extreme.

  Ooops! Declan arrived (our pill baby) but we'd not give him back. He is a wonderful son, just like all the other kids.
Chance wanted to life with his mother in Lubbock. I was hard on Rocky to accept, because of the whole situation, but being the kind of father he was, it was "Ok". I could tell there it bothered him to an extent. Over the years Chance has grown to become an extremely hand and reliable individual. Finding a woman that loves him as the great human being that his. He has welcomed her son as his own, just as I did with with him and his sister when Rocky and I were married..
  Sarah is the oldest, who gave up her life and career to stay with us she we received our devastating news. She to is a mother that works hard, and has accepted me as her mom. I always stand tall when she tells that to others. I just hope some day she find some one just like her dad.
  Addison is our quiet one. Very artistic, very soft spoken. She doesn't like to ruffle feathers, but loves her family to no end. She helps me to be me, to be mom and always looks to me when she is in "?" mode.
  Declan, hmmmm…is growing to be a kind young man with lots of potential. I really hope he turns out like his father.

  We were good til 2008, and you all know that story so I won't dwell on it. Again in 2012-13, and you all know that story as well.

  My time is to help Roc live what time he has left and to overcome the hard times, the good times, and remember our life before this happened. Of course we have our difficult moments..we get angry and frustrated at each other, but we work our way through it. Isn't that what marriage is supposed to be?

   I don't comment on his blogs honestly because I simply cannot finish reading them, and when and if I do, I'm in total awe at what he has written, that I am speechless. I'm so speechless I can't think of anything to say.
  I don't want to end this on a sad note. Just know that any of you that know my husband, knows he is a virtuous man. I miss his voice, I miss his strength, and I miss the man that held me up when I was/am down.

  On our second date, my 25th birthday party put on by my sisters in Elkhart, Ks.  Remember? "So, what are your plans with Liz?"
  (Rock here. Second date, Liz went to the bathroom. Her buds sat me on the couch, actually put a lamp in my face and asked that. I said "I plan to take her home, and make sure she's okay before I go home to bed."  No, dumb ass, long term plans! "OH!! Well, she's cool. I'd like to spend a lot more time with her. Not just a bump this weekend then nothing. Maybe marry her".   They seemed to accept that plan. Yes, I married her. Best decision I've ever made, on a tie with working to get custody of my kids. One is a part of me, the other makes me what I can be, every day of my life. Y'all figure out which is which. Now back to Liz)

  Hugs and Shit

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