Monday, September 23, 2013

Catch up

  So, I skip a day here and there, yesterday was no exception. I was sore, muscle wise, and it seemed clear into my bones sore and tired. So I sat on my butt, feed, did the med thing, took more of the "break through pain" med than I have for a few days, and played a video game. I really wasn't up to anything but sit. I did make The Lovely breakfast, and I may fix supper tonight. I've got some things I need to use before they go bad. It's even getting to be a pain in the ass to cook. Gotta have extra's with me just so I can stand and do the cooking thing for any length of time.

  Saturday was great. Pretty weather to start. Felt pretty decent. Gave the Lovely a smooch. Then went to watch the Hospital softball team play. Lovely is on the team, but doesn't play. She sacrificed a shoulder and both calves to the game, that seemed to be enough for her. They wore the jersey's that one of the co-workers designed and printed. Fluorescent Green with boxing gloves and "Rock's Team, We're all in Rocky's corner" on the front. Pretty cool. No, very fucking cool, actually. A show of support for Lovely and me. Not that others haven't been doing that too, this was nearly her entire department behind this little event. That's a lot of folks. And they support not only me, but Lovely. She needs support too. Everyone's wife/husband/shack up/love of their life needs support when one of the people they love is dying. I wrote them a nice from the heart note that ended "Dying sucks, but it's a lot easier if you get a cool shirt out of the deal". That's not all I wrote. I let them know how they had left me speechless, and how my normally over confident self was left feeling pretty damn humble. I had a good time. Watching the everyone play, visiting with Lovely's boss. That takes a lot of writing. Lovely can't get much of what I say now, unless I swear. So everyone else can catch less than she does, except for when I swear. Some people get really upset with swearing. I only get upset if it's not used in proper context, and somewhat creatively. I did have to have some extra pain killer during the day, but not like I thought I might. That evening, however, was a different story.

  The trip to Kansas this weekend is going to be tougher than I thought it would be just over a month ago. I tire pretty quickly, and I need a place I can lean back a bit and take the pressure off my neck and shoulders. That's pretty easy when we drive. We can share that, and I can rest a bit at a time. Won't work that way on the field. I'll have to find a shady tree out of range of the long throwers and beg a place to stretch out on my backpack. I've done it before and can do it again. It's important to me to go, although some people have doubted my resolve the last week or so. This is going to be my last time up there. I like the state, just can't make the same money up there that I can here. Texas has been very good to me. I'm glad I learned to live with the seasons, unlike the guys here that freeze to death, or shut down in the wind. Certainly a different oil field that when I started, and in most cases that's a good thing. It's the last time I'll see old friends from my youth (I hope several can make it) and the newer friends I've made in the last ten years being a mediocre athlete. All of them are like extended family. I'm giving away my sheaf fork as well. It's really old and was given to me by a great guy and damn fine athlete. It deserves to go be used, and not just set in my garage. If they'll let me, I'm going to have the announcer at the McPherson Scottish Festival and Highland Games read a little something for the athletes and the AD's. They deserve a little shout out, because I say they do. This trip, and one more will be it for me. Going to the Celtober Women's Team Challenge, and Celtober Throw Down in Fort Worth are going to be my last two trips that far away. I have the feeling that's all I'm going to want as far as travel goes. The last trip to Houston wore my ass out, and that was almost 2 months ago. These may well  lay me up for a couple of weeks. They'll be worth it, though

  I was hoping that being tired quickly would come along much later than it has, and now I'm having to work around that, instead of just barreling through like I normally would. It seems to take more time to get back to feeling half human than it did. I'm going for a walk as soon as this is finished, and catch some of that early morning air. That rejuvenates me better than a lot of things. It wears me out, but it's the good kind. At least it's muscle weary instead of just fried because I don't have the energy I once did.  So, this is going to be a short blog.

Ya'll have fun and do something I wanna do

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