Thursday, September 26, 2013

So I skipped yesterday

I skipped a post yesterday, mostly because I didn't do anything special or nothing was going on the day before that was worthy. Other than I slept six straight hours. That's a good thing. Not so lucky this morning. About four and I was awakened with some real mucus issues. I hate those. I also suspect they are only going to get worse as time wears on.

 So, anyway, I'm up yesterday and feeling pretty good. It's a nice thing to feel good enough to go for a walk and not have it stop short. I made my mile. Not much, but it's a bit of an accomplishment. And it's good for me to get out and about. Most of the stuff I take makes me a little sun sensitive. I also can't wait for a cop to stop me at 5 AM and ask what I'm doing out. I can't speak well, and I'm sure as hell not taking along a note book, since I'm already carting along the portable suction. I'll sound like some Wookie, and have to fish out my license. They've stopped me before at 4 AM for dumping my trash out of my truck into the dumpster. "We are looking for a thief".  Yes, because a thief always drives a vehicle with a company name plastered on both doors and the tail gate, and hangs out near dumpsters in a lit alleyway. Of course, how foolish of me. It's also nice because I feel well enough to kind of mess with the daughter when she is working. She's easy to sneak up on, and she jumps well. A lot of time I don't feel like getting up and doing anything, let alone torment my kid.
 I cooked too. I like to cook. It's relaxing for me, and the kids almost always like what I fix. Almost. I'm cooking away the other day, using some baby spinach in a couple of things, and it dawned on me how well I like the smell and taste of fresh spinach over that canned crap. I even remarked to my wife why we didn't cook more with the baby spinach when I was well enough to eat. Neither one of us had a good answer. We have some apples. And they were starting to get a little soft. I hated a soft apple when I was healthy, so it bugs me that they were going soft and probably would get thrown out. So I fried a few up, added a little brown sugar, and as that started to cook down, added a little whiskey and lit it up. Flambe'  is cool looking, so cool in fact that I had the youngest daughter torch it for me. All that cooked down and made a nice glaze. That was Tuesday night. I made another batch Wednesday morning and had the oldest light the whiskey. It's fun to watch the unsuspecting light up a pan. The little jump and big eyes are fun. We decided that it would go great on ice cream while the apples and glaze were still warm. Later in the day I used some "dog house" potatoes that were left over and made a nice potato soup for the wife and kid. Not much of that left over either. I've been asked if smelling the food cook is torture. No, it's not. In fact it's one of the few things I still get a lot of pleasure out of being around. It's the aroma, and watching people enjoy a good meal. It's a comforting memory. I can't remember a damn thing we talked about on January 21, 2013, but I remember everything I ate and drank. It's odd, yet kind of neat. I've not had anything solid to eat since January 22, 2013. I miss a good snack and meal.

  Today I'm getting ready for Liz and I to head to McPherson, Ks. for the Scottish Festival and Highland Games. This is the next to last game I threw in, and will be the next to last games I attend. It's one of three games I didn't miss even when I was injured. I'd volunteer to help. There's a lot of fun to be had there. Mac is a good venue, it's a big crowd for the size of the town, and they really get into the cheering and yelling for the athletes. That's nice, and it's fun to be around. I'm writing a little something today and I'm going to see if they'll let the announcer read it for me at lunch while the guys and girls are on break. Just a little something to express my gratitude and feelings about being able to spend my time with all the folks there. I'm going to see my sister as well. My brother is off at a job interview that I hope he nails down. We are going to scrounge up some pics of me for the memorial and viewing. That should be good for a few laughs. Always was when I was healthy, should be more so now. These are a series of last things to do, before I move on and see what new things there are to do on the next plane of existence. That should be a huge adventure. Not that I'm really wanting to rush into that, but only that it's going to be an extension of me, just in another form. I'm hoping the trip doesn't wear me completely out. I've only got one more, and then it's pretty much ride it out being a homebody

 I got an unexpected and truly welcome text yesterday. It seems a buddy of mine from the Highland Games is in town doing some business and wanted to catch up for a couple of hours. Kyle Fuller, he's good people, and better company. He's just good to hang out with. It had to write a lot, since I'm harder to understand now than I was two weeks ago even and at that I wasn't easy to understand. So we chatted it up for about 2 hours. It's just nice to be able to see some of the folks I like and don't get to see often. Kyle and I were in Houston the same time last January and had a nice visit and meal one evening. Those are things I'll look back upon and really be able to say "Damn, that was a good day". It gets added into the long long list of good days. Even my worst day has some good in it somewhere. I like the little things like just sitting and having a visit over a lot of really complicated things. Simple is always much better

 So, today let's all find something we didn't know about, and learn something about it. Kyle mentioned taking odd routes to different highland games. Finding small towns and stuff, and reading up a little bit on them. I've done that as well. It's fun, and nothing is wrong with wanting to grow your mind a little bit. It will steel it up for any hard times that one might run into later. As my Great Granny Wilson used to say "An idle mind is the devil's playground".

 Have fun this weekend. I'll try and keep up with all the goings on

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