Sunday, May 4, 2014

This One Is Short, It's A Brag On Liz. Keeper Of My Heart (90% of it. explained in an upcoming post)

   My wife, Liz Cook Smith is an absolute, total, badass from the word Liz. She can be as feminine and comforting as any other woman. More so than most, because she keeps herself tight. Well, that was a dumb choice of words. Close, she's hard to get past that outside shell. She's hard as a stone, and to the untrained eye, you'll find no sign upon her. I'm trained. I see how she holds…..nope, no one gets any damn secrets about how to get into Liz's shell unless she wants you there. Watch, you'll see some, try to early and you'll pull that arm back with just a stub. But, she is the most kindly, loving woman I've ever known. Yep, even my loving kindly mom Bev, to me, pulls in a close second. Both Bev and Liz were fierce about defending their kids. (Now according to Sarah Smith Holmes, someone that looked a lot like her daddy kicked a door in at way out west in town, when that man that resembled her dad, started to talk and that manager locked his door). If you hear that tale, trust me, Liz is tougher.

  She takes care of me as well. I can see, once in a while when her guard is down,  I can see it hurts her as much as it does me. She has the bravest face on earth, even when we are both having a moment, all I see is her face and I know regardless what happens, I'm okay.

  Okay, so now you know a bit more about Liz. This is my HUGE brag. For 10 years I've been telling Liz "God Liz! Come throw with me!!! It's fun! The people are great! And I don't feel right going out after the games with the guys, not because I'd do something wrong, but because it's just not as fun.". So, this year at the Scarborough Faire Highland Fling Weekend they gave a big speech about me, and how I was a big part of the games (there was always a nice last place guy who wouldn't be mad if I were there ha ha ha ha), and on and on. They gave me a bit of time to speak, and I allowed how it was them who blessed me by allowing me into the Highland Game family, everyone had watery eyes, I think it was really bright and you know how that can make your eyes water. Anyway, on the way home, Liz asked if it would be okay if she did a set of games in my honor. After I used a spatula to get my tongue off the floor, I calmly replied, "Why, that just sounds capital!" We'll have time, and I'll talk with Bull and see if you can get into Arlington. It turns out that was no problem at all. So we work along doing the daily house stuff, because I want things fresh when she throws, right? Yeah, shit a brick man, I got sick enough I seriously thought I was dying. People kinda giggled, so I figured out I wasn't. Whew. Wednesday and Thursday I could only have felt better if I'd been shot, again, no would give a brother a hand with that. Creeps. So, I bemoan the fact that I have to get Liz to Arlington, and she laughs. She knows how to make me force myself to get well ahead of time. We left late Friday afternoon and got into Grand Prairie in time to visit a bit with Oldest Son Chance and Newest Daughter In Law Stephanie. I wanted to get Liz carbed up before the game started. So, I did my drugs, and fell asleep in the chair. I know, too, that if we get there early enough, no parking fee. Seemed like for ever before things started.

  Okay, this is why Liz has to stay with it. I listen to her first event. Distance on throw 1,2,3? Wait. What? Holy shit! Really??? All day I was like that. I tried to take pictures of her, I couldn't, not in the throwing events. Her form was so close to spot on that I was mesmerized. She put up Big Numbers! Oh My God I am so proud of her!!!! She can only get better. She's old enough to play in women's masters division. Oh God, I wish I could stay around long enough to hug her after every game. If she stays with it, I promise. PROMISE Liz, Promise, that I'll hold your hand after every game you play in, if you'll stay with it.

  I love you baby, it took three spirit guides and judging from the time length it took to get them together, about 800 years to get it right. I'm not leaving your right away. I'll follow you until I'm sure you're safe and happy, then I think I've got work to do after. When we catch up on the other side, in 40 or so (50) years, I'll have a place for us to kick back with good friends, where we can ride the bike, throw heavy shit, and continue this love affair that started a thousand years ago.

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